In the wake of an election in which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but Donald Trump was elected president by winning the Electoral College, a survey showed the lowest percentage of people ever in a Gallup poll saying they would support amending the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College and decide presidential elections by the popular vote.

“This year, for the first time in the 49 years Gallup has asked about it, less than half of Americans want to replace the Electoral College with a popular vote system,” Gallup said in an analysis of its poll results.

Gallup’s latest poll on the issue, conducted November 28-29—three weeks after this year’s election—showed that 49 percent said they would amend the Constitution so that the nationwide populate vote would decide the presidential election. Forty-seven percent said they would keep the Electoral College system.

The poll surveyed 1,021 adults nationwide.

Since 1967, Gallup has conducted ten polls in which they asked Americans if they would approve amending the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.

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