WLWT | June 26, 2008

CINCINNATI — Police will get some extra eyes around Cincinnati, where 120 crime cameras will be installed at no cost to local taxpayers.

A $2 million federal grant will pay for the surveillance cameras, which will be connected to laptops in police cruisers.

“Hopefully by doing this, first, we come into the modern age and, two, we really begin to make our neighborhoods safer,” said City Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls.

Dispatchers will be able to view the camera images after receiving a 911 call, and some cameras could have sensors that will point at and zoom in on the sound of gunshots.

“There are high-crime areas in the city, and the ability to put these up and keep an eye on criminal activity is a great benefit to our citizens,” said City Councilman Jeff Berding.

Nearly two-dozen security cameras will be placed in October around Glenway Avenue, and one nearby businessman said he welcomes the additional security.

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