Robert Jaques
May 28, 2008

The rapid transition from analogue to digital video will fuel a boom in demand for video surveillance software, experts predict.

“Analytics software has become increasingly sophisticated and more accurate, ” noted ABI Research vice president and research director Stan Schatt.

“It is beginning to be used for such tasks as identifying customer buying behaviour, identifying criminal behaviour before crimes take place, identifying objects left unattended in public venues, and much more.”

A new ABI study forecasts a fourfold increase in revenue from video surveillance software between now and the end of 2013, rising from about $245m to more than $900m.

The report also said that surveillance software is being used beyond traditional homeland security applications.

Companies are identifying customers’ “eyeball connections” with products to analyse their “retail behaviour”, while casinos are using it to keep staff from restricted areas.

Surveillance software can also be used in ATMs and banks to identify known criminals before they commit a crime, which ABI acknowledges has shades of the film Minority Report.

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