More than one-third of Obamacare enrollees surveyed (36 percent) who do not qualify for a subsidy are paying $1,000 or more in premiums each month, according to a surveyfrom eHealth. Eighty-one percent of those without subsidies are paying $500 or more each month for their premium.

For those without a subsidy, 75 percent say they pay about $300 or less for coverage. Of that group, 36 percent say they pay about $100 or less for coverage. Only 12 percent say they have enrolled in a plan where there is no premium at all.

“People with subsidized coverage report that their biggest concern is paying their annual deductible (32 percent) rather than their monthly premiums (22 percent),” the survey explains. “Consumers not eligible for subsidies are more concerned about their ability to pay monthly premiums (43 percent) than for their annual deductible (17 percent).”

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