The left has targeted Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) after she delivered an epic speech slamming Democrats’ handling of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination process to the Supreme Court.

Collins gave a lengthy speech on the Senate floor Friday, where she voiced her support for Kavanaugh, and called the nomination process a “caricature of a gutter-level political campaign,” adding that outside groups like the Soros-funded Women’s March distorted Kavanaugh’s record with “over-the-top rhetoric.”

Far-left activists like Linda Sarsour lashed out against Collins following her decision to vote ‘yes’ on Trump’s SCOTUS pick, calling her a “disgrace” and a “traitor.”

“Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%,” tweeted Linda Sarsour on Friday. “She is a disgrace & her legacy will be that she was a traitor to women and marginalized communities. History will not treat her kindly.”

Founder of the anti-voter ID group “Spread the Vote” Kat Calvin called for Collins to be publicly harassed.

Democratic donors in Maine have already fundraised nearly $3 million in a bid to remove Collins as their senator in 2020.

“We haven’t even started to hit on the fact that she just betrayed every Mainer and millions of Americans, specifically American women,” Be A Hero founder Liz Jaff said Friday.

In her speech, Collins considered the accusations against Kavanaugh, and defended his right to a fair process, which had been afforded to accuser Christine Blasey Ford. But given the lack of evidence, Collins honored the presumption of innocence.

“I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh,” Collins said at the end of her speech.

“Certain fundamental legal principles about due process, the presumption of innocence, and fairness do bear on my thinking, and I cannot abandon them,” she concluded.

“In evaluating any given claim of misconduct, we will be ill-served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be. We must always remember that it is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy.”

You can view her speech in full below:

Or read the transcript:

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