Michael Zennie
Daily Mail
April 21, 2013

The alleged Boston Marathon bomber may have tried to kill himself rather than surrender after he was cornered by police – but failed in his suicide attempt, it has been revealed.

[…] Boston Mayor Tom Menino revealed on Sunday that federal agents may never be able to interview Tsarnaev. Menino didn’t elaborate on his comment and it is unknown whether the gunshot also caused brain damage.

[…] Tsarnaev reportedly lost significant amounts of blood after suffering two wounds. One was a gunshot to the leg he sustained during a running gun battle with police early Friday. Another was the wound to his neck.

CBS News correspondent John Miller reports: ‘They say it appears from the wound that he might have stuck a gun in his mouth, and fired and actually just went out the back of his neck without killing him.

‘That’s one of the reasons he’s unable to communicate, but he can understand what they’re saying. And they believe there will be a point where he will be able to talk to him.’

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