A huge sinkhole suddenly opened beneath a coastal campsite in Australia, instantly swallowing vehicles and a caravan.

A sinkhole thought to be larger than the size of a football field, suddenly opened on Saturday at Inskip Point, a popular camping area in the Australian state of Queensland, where it immediately swallowed a car, a caravan and a truck, media reports said.

“There was lots of yelling and screaming and then a caravan went over the edge. It was pretty scary,” a woman at the campsite was quoted by Channel Nine as saying.

A local towing company, in turn, said on its Facebook page that two employees had been camping at the site and “heard a noise like a storm”.

“On looking they realized the sand was rapidly disappearing into the ocean at an amazing speed,” the firm said.

The sinkhole is believed to be about 450 feet long and 330 feet wide and up to 30 feet deep.

The authorities have, meanwhile, ordered the evacuation of the area, warning that the sinkhole could expand in the coming hours. About 150 people have already been evacuated from the campsite.

Ranger Dan Clifton was quoted as saying that “there is a real possibility the hole could expand with ocean currents, so people are urged to avoid the area.”

The Inskip Point campsite is located on the beach and visitors are allowed to set up tents and caravans right next to the sand. There were previous reports of sinkholes in the area.

According to local Mayor Mick Curran, “thankfully at this stage, everyone has been accounted for and there’ve been no reported injuries.”

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