A pro-migrant protest in Sweden continues to take place every day despite authorities banning large gatherings and demanding social distancing as a result of the coronavirus.

Sweden has more lax lockdown measures than most European countries, but has still banned gatherings over 50 people and urged all sports teams to cancel games. People who violate this law face up to six months in jail.

However, attendees of a pro-migrant protest in Gothenburg, which has been ongoing for weeks, are apparently immune from prosecution.

Around 85 demonstrators gathered again on Monday and Tuesday outside the city’s Migration Board to show solidarity with “Palestinian migrants trapped in legal limbo and unable to obtain proper residence permits.”

“Right now, we’re letting them hold it. We dissolve it if we feel it is needed,” Johan Ljung, the commanding officer of the local police told reporters. “For this particular demonstration, it is very quiet because they sit down and even are silent.”

“They sit there more or less every day, as I understand it,” a spokesperson for local police revealed.

One wonders if the police response would be different if a group of 100 right-wing protesters gathered for a “quiet” demonstration.

As we highlight in the video below, the Spanish government encouraged its citizens to take part in huge feminist marches across the country on March 8th, potentially exposing thousands of people to coronavirus.


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