A row over European border controls is unfolding as a Swedish MP has announced his intention to emigrate to Hungary – concurrently with Sweden’s education minister slamming Budapest for using the Nordic nation as an example of failed immigration policies.

Kent Ekeroth, a Member of Parliament representing the Sweden Democrats, recently told Svenska Dagbladet that he intends to move to Hungary at the conclusion of his term to escape Sweden and the tidal wave of migrants that have flooded the country, fueling exploding crime rates and an on-going demolition of Swedish culture.

“To start with they have no immigration. That’s the most important thing. And they value their own culture highly and the grounds on which European civilization rests,” Ekeroth said. “I’m going to be there at least a while, until the situation has calmed down a bit in Sweden.”

Ekeroth also cited the fact that he will lose his personal security detail once he is no longer an MP, which could further endanger him for speaking out against the Islamization of Sweden.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s Minister of Education, Gustav Fridolin, met with fellow left-wing politicians in Hungary this week, where he denounced Hungarian officials who have highlighted Sweden’s slow-motion collapse due to self-destructive immigration policies.

“We have our problems and challenges the same as you probably have in Hungary,” Fridolin said. “At the same time, we now see how people who have come from other countries to Sweden get more work, get involved and contribute and make Sweden their own. It is obviously a description of reality that is also needed.”

“The picture that Sweden, when we were with and received very many people on the run, still has a positive development when it comes to economy and work, it actually needs to be there too.”

Sveriges Radio published Fridolin’s comments, while also noting, “in recent weeks, people who claim to be Swedish-Hungarians have raised Sweden as a deterrent,” which is likely in reference to a highly controversial viral interview with a Swedish woman who recently fled to Hungary for reasons similar to those espoused by MP Ekeroth.

“There is no safety at all. With all those migrants they let into the country, unfortunately the situation got worse,” Natalie Contessa told Hungarian broadcaster M1. “For example, you can’t travel in the daytime on the metro in Stockholm where I lived, because the migrants sexually assault women, and nobody helps. The police do not come out.”

Contessa asserted that only within the last three years has the atmosphere in Sweden rapidly darkened, prompting her planned emigration to Hungary, which was accelerated after she was sexually attacked on the subway while en route to work, and despite her cries for help, was ignored by capable bystanders who likely feared for their own safety if they intervened.

Sweden has taken in the most migrants, per capita, of any European nation.

Dan Lyman:

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