The Swedish government will hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss the explosion of crime and “gang shootings” in cities across the country.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson is set to speak with National Police Commissioner Anders Thornberg as violent crime reaches record highs in the Scandinavian nation.

“There have been a lot of shootings and deaths in a short time,” Johansson recently told Sweden’s national news agency TT.

Statistics show Sweden saw a record 43 shooting-related deaths in 2017. In 2006, only eight shooting deaths were recorded.

Malmo, one of Sweden’s most migrant-heavy cities, is responsible for a significant portion of those crimes.

“Six men were shot and three killed in a drive-by shooting in the southern city of Malmo in mid-June,” notes Reuters. “Police said there were three to four ongoing gang conflicts in Malmo and the victims belonged to one of the factions. There have been two more shooting deaths in Malmo since then.”

This week a further two men were shot dead as well in Orebro, the country’s seventh largest city.

Despite its strict gun control laws, Sweden has some of the highest levels of shooting deaths in Europe.

The increase in violent crime has originated primarily among Sweden’s migrant communities, who have immigrated to the country from Africa and the Middle East.

The crime surge has caused a sudden rise in popularity for Sweden’s anti-mass migration Social Democrats.

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