Sweden’s self-proclaimed “feminist government” has remained silent on new statistics that show 58% of convicted rapists and 85% of all convicted assault rapists were born outside of Europe.

The new figures, uncovered by state broadcaster SVT, are the first to delve into the connection between rape and ethnicity in Sweden since 2004.

They reveal that 58% of all convicted rapists were born outside of Europe, 74.5% of all convicted gang rapists were born outside of Europe and 85% of all convicted assault rapists were born outside of Europe.

In cases where the victim did not know the attacker, the proportion of foreign offenders was more than 80%.

Nearly 40% of the convicted rapists are from the Middle East or from Africa, areas of the world from which Sweden has accepted large numbers of migrants in recent years.

The report also reveals that there are alarmingly few convictions of rapists compared to reports of rape.

Sweden’s government, which bills itself as “the first feminist government in the world” has remained completely silent on the new figures.

That’s likely because importing vast numbers of people from countries that have little to no respect for women doesn’t quite tally with their commitment to prioritize “gender equality”.

Last month, a left-wing Swedish activist stopped a plane from taking off and temporarily saved a migrant from being deported.

It subsequently turned out that the “refugee” had violently abused both his wife and young children, including by choking them with a power cable.

Sweden’s national election is next month. The country’s only prominent anti-mass migration party, Sweden Democrats, is expected to perform well.


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