A Swedish artist’s jail term was extended after he committed the “hate crime” of saying that Muslim migrants do not integrate and that rape culture is a massive problem in Middle Eastern cultures.

Street artist and provocateur Dan Park was originally jailed for three months after he tweeted that, “Rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people”.

Park was also imprisoned for “race hatred” because he referred to Muslim migrants as “blattar”.

According to Wiktionary, ‘blattar’ means, “A person living in a Northern European country who is typically of Middle Eastern or North African descent. A wannabe gangster or immigrant who is not well integrated.”

An appeals court in Malmo ruled against the previous district court ruling, which found him innocent of two of the seven charges, increasing Park’s prison sentence from three to four months.

In other words, it’s now a hate crime in Sweden to tell the truth – that there are massive problems with integration amongst Muslim migrants.

Also, given that the Middle East literally has something called “the rape game” (taharrush gamea), Park is being oppressed for being honest.

Swedish citizens are routinely fined and imprisoned for criticizing Islam or Muslims.

Last year, we highlighted how a 70-year-old woman was interrogated by police and later convicted for an anti-Muslim Facebook post in which she expressed fear that Islam was taking over the country.

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