Jurriaan Maessen
May 6, 2013

Press-secretary of newly appointed head of the Swedish social-democratic party admitted to a UK-based Bilderberg in early June, announcing that the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party, Stefan Löfven, will be the guest of Jacob Wallenberg- a prominent member of the Bilderberg steering committee.

Not only has the press secretary in question revealed the first official Bilderberg participant of 2013, he also reaffirmed for us that the meeting will take place in early June- confirming that which we in the alternative media have already uncovered, most notably thanks to the late, great Jim Tucker.

Apparently a source of the newspaper first stated that the newly elected leader of the Swedish social-democratic party will be present at Bilderberg at the invite of Swedish philanthropist Jacob Wallenberg. The article in Swedish national journal SvD Naringsliv states:

“Stefan Löfven is invited and plans to attend this year’s Bilderberg meeting in June. This has been gathered from informed sources, indicated to SvD Business and has now been confirmed.”

The confirmation of the paper’s inside information came from one of Löfven’s press-secretaries, Erik Nises, who told SvD:

“Yes, that’s right. Stefan is invited to the Bilderberg meeting. He will be there, invited as a guest of Jacob Wallenberg.”

Wallenberg, who is one of 35 members of Bilderberg’s steering committee, has invited politicians (from all walks of conviction) and businessmen from his home country before, so the SvD reports. Let’s throw a brief glance at the agenda’s some of the other members of the committee. The common denominator of their respective agenda’s is a striking gap between June 6 and June 10 2013, in which timeframe not a singel commitee member seems to have other engagements.

Steering committee member Balsemão Francisco Pinto (President of the European Publishers Council) will prelude his visit to Bilderberg by attending a digital “festival” from may 29 to June 2. That other member of Bilderberg’s steering commitee, Mr. Marcus Agius (former head of Barclays), will presumably be in the area, perhaps combining his responsibilities for the steering group with his activities as trustee for London’s royal botanic gardens. It is a shame, by the way, that his dedication to openness and honesty, described as some of his most distinctive characteristic in his capacity of tree- and plant-lover, doesn’t quite reflect his behavior when it comes to co-steering the world’s most secretive of meetings. On June 11 2013 Agius is set to interview a new appointment in London, which makes it certain that this prominent member of Bilderberg’s steering committee will be in the area in the days before.

Another member of Bilderberg steering committee, Mr. Franco Barnabé, will be flying in from Washington on June 6, where he will be present at a conferencefrom 09.00 to 10.00 a.m. US Time.- just in time perhaps to join a cab to Bilderberg with yet another steering group member, media mogul Juan Luis Cebrian, who is scheduled to speak on June 19 at the Global Editors Network (GEN) News Summit in Paris, joining the likes of Hu Shuli of Caixin Media and Jim Roberts of Reuters Digital.

As former head of Deutsche Bank and loyal member of Bilderberg’s steering committee, Jozef Ackermann’s duty’s will take him to London on May 20, speaking at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit at the London Business School. This will also allow Mr. Ackerman to tend to his responsibilities as non-executive director of Dutch Royal Shell on Thursday May 23, 2013 in London, joining his fellow-Bilderberg buddies Peter Voser and Gerard Kleisterlee at Shell’s annual general meeting. Shell’s number one guy, Mr. Jorma Ollila- quite a prominent member of the steering committee- will fly himself to Sweden after Bilderberg, where he will deliver the opening keynote speech at Stockholm’s Digital Horizon’s venue on June 12. Former head of the European Central Bank Trichet will follow up his Bilderberg activities in London speaking at the International Economic Forum Of the Americas on June 12 in Montreal, where he is one of the featured speakers. Another steering committee member, the Greek Loukas Tsoukalis, will be attending a seminar organized by the Friends of Europe in Athens on June 13, perhaps to enjoy euro-friendly afterglow to his Bilderberg experience a couple of days before.

Now it just so happens that shortly after the last limo has fled the Grove premises, the 39th G8 summit will be held in Northern Ireland. Here “our global leaders” will cozily align themselves with the conclusions arrived at in the latest Bilderberg meeting.

Jurriaan Maessen is the writer and editor at ExplosiveReports.Com

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