A headmaster in Sweden wears a dress and nail varnish to school in order to “break norms” and set an example for students.

“I want to show the students that it’s actually okay for a guy to wear a dress if he wants to,” Henrik Theorin told SVT.

“I think it’s important to show the students that you can look however you want,” he added, saying, “It’s nothing I do everyday but I want to show that it’s possible to break norms.”

Theorin, who works as headmaster at Hagaskolan in Umeå, said that he has also been wearing nail varnish for “a few years,” a decision which began when the school held its own Pride Week.

The Swede said he had only received positive reactions, adding, “People here at school think it’s great.”

A #MeToo school lesson has also been introduced for 15-year-olds in Sweden “in order to take a stand against macho culture.”

As we reported back in September, a whistleblower working at a state-run kindergarten in Sweden has revealed how officials told her never refer to children as “he” or “she,” to encourage boys to wear dresses, and to initiate conversations with children as young as two about “boys falling in love with boys and girls falling in love with girls.”

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, Swedish men seeking voluntary vasectomies has risen by 70 per cent – from from 1,430 men in 2013 to 2,470 in 2017. In cities like Stockholm, the number of men sterilizing themselves has doubled over the last five years.

This has contributed to Swedes having a 1.78 birth rate, well below the replacement rate of 2.2 children per woman. This compares to just over 2 children for women from migrant backgrounds.

With Sweden welcoming in more and more migrants from the Muslim world, it’s unclear whether they will be as “tolerant” towards Theorin as he would hope.

In Germany, violent bullying of both students and teachers is a major and growing problem in migrant-heavy schools.


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