King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is considering letting refugees stay in his unused palaces as the country has run out of available housing options.

The King has 16 extravagant estates across the country, many of which he never uses. Margareta Thorgren, the royal director of communication, said the royal family has taken the Syrian migrant situation to heart and is “open to creative solutions” to solve the housing emergency.

“The royal family is following it and is very engaged in the issue,” Thorgren said. “The situation is such that we need as many people as possible helping out, and the royal family has done this by helping established organizations working on the refugee crisis.”

Letting people stay in the king and queen’s primary residence of Drottningholm Palace is not an option. But if the National Property Board — which technically owns the estates — is open to using some of the unused properties, they will have a discussion according to Thorgren.

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