Head of the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) Anders Thornberg has told Swedes to get used to the current level of shootings, saying it could remain high for many years to come.

Thornberg said that he did not see an end to the current wave of shootings across the country anytime soon, saying “this can continue for five to ten years” in an interview with Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

So far this year, the city of Stockholm has seen 11 fatalities as a result of shootings, nearly double the number during the same period in 2018.

Thornberg added that he saw the trend in gun violence, which has its roots in criminal gang activity, as being a problem for the whole of society rather than simply an issue for the police alone. Like drug trafficking, Thornberg said that the issue will be impossible to solve overnight.

According to Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio, drug trafficking could be linked to the rise in shootings in the Swedish capital.

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