Sweden’s largest television station celebrated Christmas by featuring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab who does not celebrate Christmas.

TV4 Nyhetsmorgon showcased the cooking talents of veil-covered Camilla Hamid, who was invited to bake “Christmas classics” despite not personally recognizing the Christian festival.

“Of course you do not celebrate Christmas, because you are a Muslim,” said program owner Anders Pihlblad during the segment.

Hamid replied that she didn’t celebrate Christmas but she did like cooking, prompting Pihlblad to celebrate multiculturalism and the fact that different cultures “borrow” from each other.

When the host asked Hamid if she incorporated any elements of Christmas into her life, she responded that “snacks” and “lighting” were “cozy” at this time of year.

Earlier this year, the same TV show decided to celebrate the country’s “traditional” Midsummer festival by having a Muslim woman in a hijab cook kebabs.

“The program remarkably eschewed the staples of the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration, informing the audience on how to cook shish kebab and traditional kebab in the oven,” reported Sputnik.

Once again, the Muslim guest, food blogger Zeina Mourtada, admitted that she did not personally celebrate the festival.

Earlier this year, Sweden appointed a Pakistani Muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage.”

44-year-old Qaisar Mahmood told a radio show that Sweden’s cultural traditions “hide hideous motives,” while expressing his intent to oppose Swedes who “want to protect the culture” and are resistant to change.


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