A Swedish television show decided to celebrate the country’s “traditional” Midsummer festival by having a Muslim woman in a hijab cook kebabs.

Swedes normally celebrate midsummer at the end of June by eating dishes based on herring and potatoes and drinking shots of herb liquor, but Swedish channel TV4 chose instead to feature headscarf wearing Muslim food blogger Zeina Mourtada as the star in its Midsummer holiday morning show.

“The program remarkably eschewed the staples of the traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration, informing the audience on how to cook shish kebab and traditional kebab in the oven,” reports Sputnik.

When asked by the host if Midsummer is celebrated in her culture, Mourtada said, “No, we don’t typically celebrate it, but I do it for the children’s sake.”

The decision prompted a wave of reaction from people on social media, both positive and negative.

“TV4 celebrates midsummer with kebab! Wondering when this shitty channel will start broadcasting in Arabic and at best, text in Swedish!” one person tweeted.

“Obviously, TV4 will proceed with showing how to roast an entire pig during any major Muslim weekend… Oh, wait, it will never happen,” another remarked.

Another Twitter user called Anna E sardonically tweeted, “Yes, it’s important to erase everything old. Like Swedish traditions.”

The incident is yet another example of Sweden’s muddled attempt to embrace multiculturalism, which many assert is now subsuming traditional Swedish culture.

As we reported in February, Sweden appointed a Pakistani Muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he hasn’t “read anything about cultural heritage.”

44-year-old Qaisar Mahmood told a radio show that Sweden’s cultural traditions “hide hideous motives,” while expressing his intent to oppose Swedes who “want to protect the culture” and are resistant to change.

As we reported on Friday, a farmer in Sweden was derided as a racist for displaying stacks of hay in the colors of the Swedish flag to celebrate the country’s World Cup team and raise money for a childhood cancer charity.

Given this current climate in the country, it’s unsurprising that the Sweden Democrats, the Scandinavian country’s foremost anti-political correctness, anti-mass migration party, is currently leading in the polls ahead of the national election in September.


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