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July 11, 2013


The Department of Defense (DOD) and DARPA have invested in research on natural and synthetic pathogens to give war-fighters the cutting-edge health-care so that they can operate at peak performance.

7-Day Biodefense

The research is known as 7-Day Biodefense which focuses on novel technologies to prevent emerging pathogen infection, and once infected to sustain survival, and to build future immunity.

Global surveillance networks have noticed an uptick in frequency and diversity of new infectious micro-organisms. This increase is predominately due to nefarious biological experimentation and release from bio-weapons facilities such as Plum Island and National Bio and Agro Defense Facility in Kansas, owned and operated by Homeland Security.

Natural Pathogens

Potential biological exposure threats come from two categories:

Natural pathogens that manifest due to the narrowing of genetic diversity due to genetic modification; migration causing a spread of vectors; climate change; increased density of vulnerable populations with pathogen reservoirs; and the perceived increase between humans and animals. For instance Dr. Eldridge the Washington State Veterinarian bragged with glee at a regulatory hearing that he had quarantined some horses that acquired Piroplasmosis through ticks. He successfully quarantined the horses but not the ticks putting Eastern Washington residents and their animals at-risk for tick-acquired illnesses.

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