Syria submits to Kerry’s accidental request to surrender chemical weapons

Julie Wilson
September 10, 2013

Syria’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, declared Tuesday the country will stop producing chemical weapons.

Credit: Yahoo News
Credit: Yahoo News

Syrian officials say they are ready to fully cooperate and will sign onto the Chemical Weapons Convention, an arms control agreement that outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons.

Foreign minister al-Moallem said his country intends to “implement a Russian proposal” by placing their chemical weapons arsenal under the control of Russian representatives and the U.N.

Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the proposition Monday, but quickly remarked there was no way al-Assad would actually be willing to hand over the weapons.

Now that al-Assad has agreed, Kerry claims he was simply making a rhetorical comment.

Once again, Kerry continues to issue conflicting statements. First he “insisted that the Russian proposal could not be used by Syria as a stalling mechanism.

“This cannot be a process of delay; it cannot be a process of avoidance. It has to be real, has to be tangible – and it is exceedingly difficult, I want everyone to know, to fulfill these conditions,” Kerry said.

Kerry also proclaimed disarming Syria of its chemical weapons would be “the ultimate way to degrade and deter” President al-Assad.

Russian President Putin remarked, “All this will work only in case we hear that American side and all those who support it will denounce using force.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Obama is taking Russia’s offer too seriously, after he told NBC News to take the Syria deal “with a grain of salt.”

The President is pretending that Syria is willing to give up their chemical weapons because of the US’s threats to launch a missile strike against the country, and not because Kerry inadvertently put the offer on the table and Syria took it.

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