Kurt Nimmo
September 2, 2013

French president Francois Hollande is one of Obama's most ardent supporters. Photo: Guillaume Paumier
French president Francois Hollande has called for bombing Syria. Photo: Guillaume Paumier

Socialists love war. Mussolini was a socialist before he invented fascism. He engaged in mass murder in Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia and helped his fascist buddy Franco win the Spanish Civil War. Hitler was a socialist, although establishment historians deny this. Nazi, after all, is short for Nationalsozialismus, or national socialism. Hitler came to power with the help of German industrialists and American bankers. It was the ruling elite who fostered socialism and fascism, the most effective control systems yet imposed on humanity.

Authoritarian control freaks have used the policy of siege socialism to consolidate power and impose iron-fisted rule. Hitler used it to conquer the Sudetenland and then the rest of Europe. Socialists opposed to imperialism and violence perpetuated by the state often understand how communists use naked and violent power to conquer and dominate. Michael Parenti, for instance, writes how the Soviet system was a form of siege socialism, a “beleaguered and therefore unattractive and grim kind of socialism,” as Jacques T. Pauwels writes.

Socialism’s love affair with violence continues to this day. Thus it is not surprising that Francois Hollande – the current president of France, the first secretary of the French Socialist Party and a co-prince of Andorra – is one of Obama’s most ardent supporters. Like Obama, Hollande wants to illegally bomb Syria and either kill (like Gaddafi was killed) or merely depose its current leader, Bashar al-Assad.

Despite the fact the French people, like the American people, are not interested in attacking Syria, Hollande has enthusiastically called for attacking the country. “The chemical massacre of Damascus cannot and must not remain unpunished,” Hollande said in an interview on Friday with the newspaper Le Monde, according to USA Today. “There are few countries that have the capacity to inflict a sanction by the appropriate means. France is one of them. We are ready,” he said.

Hollande cited a document handed down from French intelligence and leaked to the Journal du Dimanche. It states that the Syrian government has “several hundred tons of mustard gas” and “sarin (gas)” and claims that at least 281 deaths can be attributed to the attack in areas outside Damascus.

Although widely viewed as a milquetoast socialist bureaucrat, Hollande showed his chops and taste for state violence and intervention in the affairs of other countries in January when he sent troops to chase Islamic fanatics around northern Mali. Now he wants to send troops into Syria – or at least stand on the sidelines cheering as the United States bombs the country back to the Stone Age.

Obama is a socialist, too, although not of the European pedigree, a lineage that produced some of the worst mass murderers in history. That’s why he loves war and organized mass murder just like his comrade Francois Hollande. War is a political tool same as rigging election boxes and strong-arming the opposition.

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