SEA launches hack to fight phony media narrative on Syria, Infowars stories sent out

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, July 5, 2012

Al-Jazeera’s ‘Stream’ Twitter account was hacked today by a group labeling itself the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). As soon as the hackers gained access to the account, they began sending out Infowars stories about the real situation in Syria.

One of the first tweets to be sent out after the hack was a link to a recent Infowars story entitled Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches, which documented how rebels were desecrating places of worship.

Another tweet sent out was entitled “The truth finally revealed about Syria’s insurgency,” which included a link to our story from yesterday which was a compendium of videos showing how rebel insurgents were responsible for massacres, beheadings and other acts of brutality, as well as staging fake massacre and death videos to falsely implicate the Syrian government.

The SEA have been responsible for a number of cyber attacks in recent months, including one targeted against the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya News. The group also replaced LinkedIn’s blog page with a picture of President Bashar Al-Assad in military uniform following a hack attack in April. Harvard University’s website was also targeted by the group last year.

The chief hacker who fronts the group is known as “The Pro,” a Syrian who lives in Syria. The Pro describes himself as the leader of “thousands of activists” who “reject the onslaught of information and distortion of facts happening in Syria”.

Asked by Infowars why the group targeted Al-Jazeera, ‘the Pro’ cited a video report by Al-Jazeera Stream which was critical of the group’s hacking activities. He also mentioned Al-Jazeera’s “bad media coverage of what really happening in Syria.”

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‘The Pro’ denied that the SEA were an Assad-backed operation, telling us, “We are not supported by anyone – we started this work since 15 March 2011 when we have seen a large numbers of terrorists spread around our country – so we decided to defend our country.”

In a previous interview, the Pro told journalist Faisal J. Abbas how the group were driven by their desire to avenge the murders of two of their members by anti-Assad activists.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, although some claim the SEA is tacitly supported by President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime, Infowars is only interested in documenting both sides of the story about unfolding events in Syria, unlike the establishment media which has hyped alleged government atrocities while ignoring those committed by rebels.

We have no allegiance with Assad just like we had no allegiance with Colonel Gaddafi, but to portray events in Syria as a one sided affair, with the rebels, backed by Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists, personified as freedom loving democratic activists, is clearly a phony narrative that is being manufactured to grease the skids for another NATO-led “humanitarian” bombardment.

As we documented in our story yesterday, despite there being innumerable examples of crimes and atrocities carried out by NATO-backed opposition fighters, the media has virtually blacklisted the issue, just as they did prior to the attack on Libya which has now been turned into a sectarian hellhole.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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