Commercials for fast food retailer Taco Bell feature a secret society of taco consumers getting lavished with dollar deals.

The 30-second ad promotes a “not-so-secret secret society” where $1 unlocks $1 “food” items.

Country music legend and conservative activist Charlie Daniels blasted the restaurant on Twitter, telling them, “The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject.”

Youtube commenters said the company was mocking the powerful secret cabal which runs the world, and claimed the commercial is “the epitome of ‘hiding in plain sight.'”

“Unfortunately this tactic still works on most feeble minded people smh,” said one person.

“Open your eyes people. They are not trying to hide it anymore,” said another Youtuber.

Another commenter asked, “Isn’t that special more [for] lucifer worshipers?”

Watch: With Thomas Jefferson entering their ranks and George Washington standing as a traditional conservative, Alex Jones explains how the Illuminati influenced the foundation of the United States of America.

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