Retailer Target caved in and removed an ‘offensive’ Black Panther costume after a single tweet from someone expressing feigned outrage.

“Why is this WHITE boy pictured wearing a BLACK PANTHER costume on your website? This is BLACK ERASURE! POC finally have a super hero of their own, and you disrespect them by using a white person to promote the costume? SHAMEFUL! BOYCOTT!,” complained Mark Dice, tagging Target in the tweet.

Earlier this month, People reported that white parents were being advised not to let their kids wear Black Panther costumes for Halloween because it could be seen as “cultural appropriation”.

Dice is a conservative commentator and the complaint was obviously a stunt, but Target complied anyway and removed the page for the costume within hours.

Some people pointed out that the kid modeling the costume could even be a light skinned black boy, but Target pulled the product anyway.

Now the only models seen wearing Black Panther costumes on Target’s websites are all African-American.

Dice then turned his attention to Walmart in an attempt to pull the same stunt.

This story once again emphasizes how corporate giants are so ultra sensitive to someone screaming “racism” that it no longer even requires a mob to pressure them into acquiescing to identity politics insanity.

Dice subsequently posted a video about the whole fiasco.


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