October 5, 2012

A senior political analyst has urged the Turkish government to exercise restraint on its moves with regards to Syria, saying the United States favors Ankara-Damascus conflict, Press TV reports.

“I would urge them [the Turkish government] to find a way back, to pull back from this. This is not in Turkey’s interest and if we get a conflict between Turkey and Syria; the one who is laughing will be the United States because they will have disposed of two countries that were resisting the imperial dictates coming from here,” Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley said in an interview with Press TV on Friday.

The Turkish parliament approved a motion on Thursday that authorizes military operations outside the country’s borders “when deemed necessary.”

The one-year mandate authorizes military operations in Syria if the Turkish government deems them as necessary.

“If Turkey would simply say that we are going to close our borders; we are not going to allow these killers to use bases inside Turkey, this would come to a rather quick end ,” Tarpley noted.

He further argued that the unrest in Syria has been created and fomented from the outside of the country.

“There are the death squads that NATO has brought in. They have shipped them in from Libya by means of an airlift. They have gathered them from half of the world,” the analyst explained.

He also added that the violent opposition in Syria is being supported by “Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates with the general approval of NATO.”

“The NATO does not want a central government of Syria ever again. They want the 300 squabbling groups, the Syrian National Council is a bad joke; the Free Syrian Army is essentially a congeries of al-Qaeda and others, of Salafis and Saudis and others,” Tarpley concluded.

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