A senior tax expert has lost her job at an international think tank over comments made about transgenderism on Twitter.

Maya Forstater made a series of seemingly straightforward comments about gender, which caused her to lose her job at the Centre for Global Development.

Among the comments were statements such as “yes I think that male people are not women. I don’t think being a woman/female is a matter of identity or womanly feelings. It is biology. People of either sex should not be constrained (or discriminated against) if they don’t conform to traditional gender expectations.”

In another tweet, Ms Forstater wrote, “what I am so surprised at is that smart people who I admire, who are absolutely pro-science in other areas, and champion human rights & womens [sic] rights are tying themselves in knots to avoid saying the truth that men cannot change into women (because that might hurt mens [sic] feelings).”

She also said that Karen White — a biologically-male ‘trans woman’ who was jailed for violent crimes and rape and was moved to a man’s prison after sexually assaulting fellow female inmates — was a “man” and spoke out about the danger to women if men are allowed to self-identify and have this used as the legal standard as it could lead to more women being harmed.

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