Mississippi and Louisiana saw guns sales surge September 5-7 as both states held their tax-free Second Amendment weekend.

In Mississippi alone, stores saw “guns and ammo…sales rise by as much as 600 percent.”

Guns.com reported that Freddie Russell, “a clerk at Scruggs Sporting Goods in Tupelo,” said his store’s sales were like those usually seen only on Black Friday. He said customers spent months finding guns, ammo, and accessories they wanted, then flooded in during the tax-free holiday to purchase them.

New Orleans’ WDSU spoke to outdoorsman David Perret, who said he went to the Baton Rouge gun show over the weekend and saw big crowds for the tax-free purchasing opportunity. WDSU also spoke to Academy Sports’ Darren Riley, who said a lot of first-time gun buyers came in during the weekend tax holiday to get firearms for self-defense. 

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