July 9, 2013

Taylor Swift’s security detail had a man arrested during a concert in Pittsburgh for a sign declaring his love for the popular singer-songwriter. The sign also said “Taylor Swift is with Satan.”

Police claim Joseph Jackson also threatened Swift on Facebook. “Taylor Swift must perish and die,” he allegedly posted.

CBS News in Pittsburgh reported on Monday that Swift’s security officials “are very pro-active regarding any sort of threat against the artist and that they passed that information to police who made the arrest.”

Detectives did not find weapons on Jackson. The only threat appeared to be his signage and a comment he made to police. “Taylor Swift is Satan and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger.”

Jackson was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail. He will face a mental evaluation for the comments, according to CBS News.

“[Jackson] will undergo a mental evaluation after police say he made death threats against the singer and held up a sign reading ‘Taylor is with Satan.’ The poster was one of several Joseph Jackson was holding when police nabbed him at Heinz Field” in Pittsburgh, according to Mix 965.

It is not clear how exactly the Facebook messages constitute a threat and why the police were involved in the incident or why they arrested Jackson and detained him for a mental evaluation.

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