Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tea Party Clueless About U.S. Tax Dollars Funding Bailout Heist 110510top

As CNBC hosts Joe Kerne and Rick Santelli pointed out yesterday, the Tea Party movement seems largely clueless about the fact that a huge chunk of the $1 trillion dollar bailout heist being pushed through to save the face of global economic governance is being funded with dollars looted from American taxpayers.

Founded on the principle of keeping taxes low for the benefit of the economy, the Tea Party movement has seemingly ignored the biggest and most insidious stealth tax – inflation – which as Ron Paul highlighted yesterday, will only soar as a result of this latest bailout.

“Could you really tell the American taxpayer, you can connect the dots between them and Greece? I mean are they paying for some lavish benefits in Greece right now?” asked CNBC’s Kerne.

“Well there’s no connect-the-dots,” Santelli replied. “I mean it is a fact. We contribute a little less than 18 percent to the IMF. And the IMF is pretty much using its entire piggy bank, of course to pledge up to €250 billion, no matter how you slice it, Joe. Eighteen percent of that money, or more, because you know, if they go much beyond this, they’re going to have to replenish the coffers.”

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And we know that “replenishing the coffers” means not only raising taxes on Americans but also inventing new ones out of thin air, which will then go straight to the IMF to bankroll the next phase of global governance. It’s not good enough for these people to impose inherently undemocratic centralized systems of economic planning that only they control which then result in lowering your living standards – you have to pay for the whole thing to begin with.

In addition to Americans picking up the tab for the IMF’s bailout of Europe, they will also be waving goodbye to further unknown billions in the form of Federal Reserve credit swaps, with the Fed directly sending U.S. dollars to European banks. And don’t believe for a second that you actually have a right to know to which foreign entities these untold billions are heading – because Ben Bernanke refuses to tell us.

“I don’t think the average Tea Partier knows we’re paying for lavish benefits in Greece for public employees over there, Rick,” Kerne said. “I think maybe you need to tell them.”

But it appears as if the Tea Party and the American public as a whole has “bailout fatigue” and has completely lost track of the trillions stolen from them and the consequences this will have in the not too distant future.

Perhaps when the government keeps increasing the retirement age out of their reach, or when they outright pillage their pension funds will Americans finally grasp what all this truly means. Perhaps the drastic cuts in public services, in policing, and further withdrawals from infrastructure and road maintenance funds will create the flash point that will lead to similar scenes we’ve seen in Greece unfolding on American streets.

But as it stands, Kerne and Santelli are right, the silence from the Tea Party in reaction to the bailouts is deafening, and if such a meek response is to continue then the entire momentum, purpose and relevance of the movement will quickly begin to dissipate.

Watch the clip below.

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