Kurt Nimmo
October 18, 2020

Alaska’s Joe Miller is described by the corporate media as the “insurgent candidate” and a “Tea Party favorite.” He was approved by the titular head of the trademark Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and received support for his Senate race from the Tea Party Express PAC, a neocon RINO organization masquerading as patriots.

Alaska’s Joe Miller is described by the corporate media as the “insurgent candidate” and a “Tea Party favorite.” Photo: Ryan McFarland.

On Sunday, it was reported that the editor of an online Alaska news site was roughed up and handcuffed at an event after he attempted to ask Miller a question.

“Tony Hopfinger, editor of the online Alaska Dispatch, told KTUU-TV that security pushed him as he tried to question Miller. He said he pushed back and that guards then detained him, accusing him of trespassing at the public event in Anchorage,” reports the Associated Press. The security guards worked for Miller.

Hopfinger’s site is among the media outlets suing for access to Miller’s personnel record from his time as a government attorney. “Hopfinger was reportedly pressing Miller on whether the candidate had ever been reprimanded for politicking while working at the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2008. Alaska Dispatch and other media have sued for the release of records related Miller’s time at the borough,” the Alaska Dispatch reported on Sunday. Questions have been raised about whether Miller resigned to avoid being fired and whether he once used borough computers for his own political activities.

Tony Hopfinger also writes for the Huffington Post.

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Shannyn Moore, writing for the Huffington Post today, claims Joe Miller has his own “personal militia,” an obvious attempt to characterize Miller as a “rightwing extremist” and a radical Tea Party member. “Joe Miller’s narcissistic, militant disorder has come to full light with the detainment of journalist Tony Hopfinger. Political candidates with their own mercenaries are a recipe for disaster,” Moore writes.

As noted above, Miller is supported by the trademark version of the Tea Party where RINOs are the order of the day. He was blessed by Sarah Palin, who is supported by top neocons and talks about bombing Iran.

The Tea Party Express was formulated by Russo Marsh & Rogers, a neocon public relations firm based in Sacramento, California. In 2004, the PAC created Move America Forward, a pro-Iraq slaughter organization that has Melanie Morgan as chairperson. In 2006, Morgan suggested that New York Times editor Bill Keller be killed for the crime of “treason” after the Times’ reported on the government spying on Americans.

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It does not look good. A trademark Tea Party candidate is funded in his Senate run by the usual neocon warmongers. He has hired a goon squad that acts like ushers at a Mussolini event. It is another example demonstrating that the trademark RINO Tea Party is more of the same. It hijacked the real Tea Party and now sells the same old Republican Party snake oil.

If these guys get into office in November, it will be business as usual.

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