Kurt Nimmo
May 24, 2012

Sarah Pain is a plant. That much should be obvious by now. The establishment was so spooked by the real Tea Party it had to create its own Borg knock-off and get a state-loving warmonger to claim to be its leader.

It should have been obvious she’s a globalist tool when she sat down with master war criminal and globalist operative Henry Kissinger. Still, a lot of clueless Tea Partiers saw nothing wrong with this or even know about Kissinger’s pedigree.

Now Sarah’s backing endorsing six-term incumbent Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch.

“I want him to win,” Palin told Greta Van Sustren. ”I join Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and other conservatives who would like to see Mr. ‘Balanced Budget’ return to Washington.”

“He’s part of that 1 percent you hear about — not the 1 percent that’s mocked and criticized in the press lately, but the 1 percent of national politicians who I believe should be reelected, sent to Congress because of his commitment to see a balanced budget in the United States of America. He wants to apply that common sense economic principle of balanced budget, fiscal responsibility and I want to see him reelected. So my endorsement of him will differ from others, of course, in that race in Utah — no different in many sense when we talk about endorsements in Texas.”

Sure, Hatch has introduced a balanced budget amendment something like seventeen times, but it never gains traction because Congress – both sides of the aisle, but especially Hatch’s fellow Republicans – are seriously addicted to spending. Or rather borrowing and forcing future generations to pay for it all.

Republicans “have accrued, more than 3 fold, the debt that Democrats have. This demonstrates that the self-applied rubric of ‘fiscal conservative’ is not true for Republican Administration’s unless we invert the accepted meaning of these words,” writes George Giles.

So long as Americans fall in line behind “conservatives” like Ms. Reality TV and the fake constitutionalist Mark Levin, nothing is going to change – and in fact will get worse, far worse in the coming months.

Sarah and Mark keep mentioning Ronald Reagan as their hero.

Reagan is the hero of all big spenders in cahoots with the banksters. The national debt tripled from 900 billion dollars to 2.8 trillion dollars during his tenure.

Before you get swindled by Sarah and Mark, keep in mind that Hatch loves the bankers just as much as Ronnie did — he voted no less than sixteen times to raise the so-called debt ceiling.

He’ll do it again if the folks in Utah give him the chance.

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