Kurt Nimmo
March 4, 2010

Sarah Palin, billed as the Tea Party savior, is now shopping around a reality TV series. “The former governor of Alaska, who currently contributes to Fox News, has been pitching a reality series with producer Mark Burnett in Hollywood this week, Entertainment Weekly reports,” explains TV Guide.

Tea Party Sarah is a neocon stand-up comic and potential reality TV starlet who advocates bombing Iran back to the Stone Age.

The proposed show is described as a “docudrama” on her home state, Alaska.

Despite this, Palin’s handlers expect us to regard her as a serious politician. Last month, she was the keynote speaker at the Tea Party convention at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. People plunked down $549 to bask in the aura of  Palin and other Republican celebrities who insist they represent the Tea Party grassroots.

It was said Palin earned a tidy sum for her stage managed participation — rumored to be around $100,000.

“The Tea Parties of 2010 remind me very much of the Conservative Revolution of 1994. And if the Tea Party Nation is not very careful, they will succumb to the same fate. The signs of a silent takeover of the movement are already appearing,” former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin wrote on February 12.

In 1994, grassroots Republicans led an effort to take back both houses of Congress. Newt Gingrich and establishment Republicans vowed to reduce the size of government. Once in power, however, the GOP did not eliminate one single government agency. They betrayed grassroots Republicans who catapulted them to power and increased the size of government.

“Big Government neocons posing as champions of conservatism co-opted and destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994,” Baldwin explains.

Palin’s orchestrated involvement in the hijacked Tea Party movement is essentially a repeat of the 1994 betrayal. The GOP understands conservatives are sick and tried of the One Party establishment system and are demanding change. Growing anger and dissatisfaction with politics as usual represents a direct threat to the Republican side of the One Party system.

In response, the GOP groomed Palin as a maverick outsider. Following the Republican election defeat in 2008, Palin wrote a book (or Lynn Vincent did — and in record time) entitled “Going Rogue” (published by HarperCollins, a division of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp). The book is designed to portray Palin as a principled outsider and stand-up opponent of the old boys’ club in Washington.

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In fact, Sarah Palin is a consummate insider, as Jane Mayer has documented.

Before John McCain picked her from the wilds of Alaska to be his running mate, Palin was trumpeted by a coterie of establishment neocons, including Bill Kristol, Michael Gerson (a former Bush speech writer and columnist for the CIA’s favorite newspaper, The Washington Post) and Fred Barnes, an editor at the neocon house organ, the Weekly Standard, and a Fox News regular.

“Strapped to a chair and forced to read a year’s worth of Weekly Standards out loud while having the audio version of the complete works of Norman Podhoretz piped into her ears, poor pistol-packin’ Sarah was no match for her neocon interrogators, who ironed all those right-wing populist quirks out of her malleable mindset,” Justin Raimondo sarcastically writes. “The apprenticeship of Sarah Palin is an object lesson in how the neocons took over the American Right and saddled the GOP with their agenda of ‘big government conservatism’ and perpetual war. Her brainwashing limns the experience and fate of the larger conservative movement, which has been reduced, these days, to a militaristic cult that remembers nothing of its origins — a movement of neocon pod-people.”

While in Los Angeles shopping her reality TV show, Palin also made an appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” and tried her hand at stand up comedy. She also reportedly stopped by the Oscar gift lounge, according to CBS News.

Sarah Palin is a neocon stand-up comic and potential reality TV starlet who advocates bombing Iran back to the Stone Age.

Can establishment politics get any more surreal?

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