Jane C. Timm
April 1, 2014

A Missouri teacher says she was intimidated and bullied because she opposes the newly implemented Common Core, a new standardized testing and lesson plan that has been adopted by 45 states.

Kindergarten teacher Susan Kimball of Sikeston, Missouri, testified in a legislative hearing that her bosses and fellow teachers had pressured her and others not to speak negatively about Common Core in public or online, lest they face repercussions at work.

“In a professional development meeting … in November, and at a faculty meeting in January, we were told in my building, and I quote, ‘Be careful about what you post on Facebook, or talk about in the public regarding Common Core. Don’t say anything negative. It could affect your job,’” Kimball recalled for the Missouri Senate Education Committee. Video of her testimony was recorded by Duane Lester, a conservative blogger, who was asked by several activists to attend and videotape the testimony and questions. (Lester says he’s not an activist on the issue, but he’s concerned about the lack of transparency and cost of implementing new standards.)

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