A Fresno high school teacher who was shot during a robbery at his school is suing the district and numerous staff who allegedly played a contributing role in the incident.

Edison High School teacher Steven Guerrero filed a lawsuit against the Fresno Unified School District this week after several armed teens broke into the school, bludgeoned him with a 25 pound weight, and shot him twice as he fought for his life, The Fresno Bee reports.
The teens had come to the school Dec. 19, 2013 to steal computers when they encountered Guerrero as he was preparing to leave for the night around 7 p.m. Guerrero’s lawsuit alleges that several contributing factors at the school are to blame for the break-in including a janitor who left a door unlocked, a lack of staff training, and inadequate outdoor lighting, according to the news site.

The lawsuit also alleges that comments district superintendent Michael Hanson made to Guerrero’s wife Isabelle about the teacher being a “knucklehead” for fighting back against the intruders left her “suffering mortification and severe emotional distress.”

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