April 15, 2010

Jason Levin.

Editor’s note: and others exposed Josh Levin for what he is — a provocateur who hates the idea of the First Amendment and the right of the people to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. He is now in hot water for his effort to “dismantle and demolish” the Tea Party movement.

A Beaverton middle school teacher behind an effort to embarrass the tea party movement is under investigation for possible misconduct.

Jason Levin works at Conestoga Middle School and started Crash the Tea Party, a group that hopes to “dismantle and demolish” the tea party, a conservative movement that is holding rallies across the U.S. on tax filing day.

Levin’s efforts may have broken district and state rules. Officials are now questioning whether Levin was working on his own time and using his own resources while building his cause.

Levin’s Web site says the group’s goal is to blend into tea party rallies and then make the protesters look bad.

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