A disturbing photo has emerged on Twitter showing how at least one elementary school teacher worked the Michael Brown shooting into a classroom lesson, specifically to brainwash unknowing first graders into formulating a positive opinion on his character without any context or facts.

Rather creepily titled “A Conversation With The Butterflies,” the piece of work features questions asked by a teacher to young students regarding a picture of Michael Brown in graduation garb.

After all confirming that they did not know who Brown was, the students were asked what they would do or say if they saw him on the street.

The answers varied, but were all along the lines of “say hi” or “give him a high five”. When asked why they would be so nice to someone they never met, the students said “it is important to be nice to people.”

Perhaps the students would have had a different opinion, however, had they been shown Brown pictured in a plethora of gang poses.

Or maybe if the “butterflies” had been given access to the video of Brown physically assaulting the owner of the Ferguson store he held up shortly before he was shot by officer Darren Wilson, they might not want to high five him so much.

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