Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday the Democratic Party will do everything in their power to impeach President Trump, no matter what the findings are in special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report.

“If anyone thinks that the Mueller report being concluded is the end of the Democrats’ attempt to take down President Trump, they haven’t been attention the last two years,” the Texas Republican said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He said Democrats were already pivoting away from Mueller’s findings, which have not yet been released. Cruz said “yesterday the Mueller report was the end all and be all.” But now that it appears there won’t be further indictments, Democrats will find another way to impeach Trump, he added.

“The extreme left in the Democratic Party, they have so much anger and hatred directed at the president that we’re going to see the Democrats moving forward with impeachment whatever the evidence,” Cruz said.

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The corruption on the left has become apparent after Lisa Page’s testimony and months of the fake Russian collusion witch hunt. Owen comments on the latest headlines.

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