The pack of Republican presidential hopefuls have now descended on New Hampshire. Ted Cruz is trying to widen his appeal beyond the Evangelical base that put him over the top in the Iowa caususes. How? By claiming to be the political heir to Ronald Reagan.

Today NPR’s Morning Edition reported:

Cruz…claimed for himself the one Republican legacy that almost all Republicans agree on – Ronald Reagan.

Cruz: We saw the old Reagan coalition coming together again – we saw conservatives and Evangelicals and libertarians and Reagan Democrats all standing together say “What on Earth is going on?”

Cruz evidently continued:

Marco made the decision, the conscious, deliberate decision to go and stand with Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid and to lead the fight for amnesty.

Sadly, Marco Rubio has now essentially denounced himself for trying to fix the immigration mess.

In any case, do you know who else led the fight for amnesty for undocumented immigrants living in the United States? That would be Ronald Reagan. Here are a couple of salient quotations:

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