In stark contrast to his campaign trail rhetoric where he promises voters he will “go after” the big banks and “crony capitalism”, Ted Cruz is now courting those very banks for yet MORE campaign cash. (Reports indicate he’s already received $12 million from Wall Street donors already.)

In fact, more than one political watcher has noted how similar both Cruz and Hillary Clinton are in how they say one thing yet repeatedly do the other when it comes to generating donor dollars for their respective campaigns.


A Politico report had this to say on the subject just today:

This Monday, assorted bankers, traders and Wall Street lawyers will gather inside the neo-Georgian walls of the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan to write big checks to an unlikely recipient: Ted Cruz.

…In a debate in November, Cruz ripped bailouts for “rich Wall Street banks.” More recently, Cruz slammed “New York values” while campaigning in Iowa. In a Bloomberg TV interview, Cruz even criticized Goldman, his wife’s employer, for receiving special favors from the government.

Cruz is personally giving his time to those on Wall Street now willing to donate just $2,700 to his campaign. Whether that qualifies as promising down-the-road favors to those financial kings and queens will be up to voters to decide.

A D.C. Whispers source has indicated the Wall Street meet & greet today was strongly suggested by Republican Party operatives who discovered the Cruz campaign’s campaign donations took a steep decline last month at the very time when Cruz needs far more cash if he is to have any hope of competing against Donald Trump in the upcoming primaries. The influence of Republican power brokers on Cruz’s behalf has been enough to make members of Wall Street who personally despise Ted Cruz for a number of reasons, write the GOP candidate checks because they fear Donald Trump more than they dislike Mr. Cruz.

In fact, a Trump presidency is said to be even more feared than a Bernie Sanders one for the sole reason that unlike Sanders, Trump has the both the will and the know-how to bring Wall Street to heel should he be given the federal authority to do so.

In essence, the Wall Street gravy train might be at long last over.

And so, despite his anti-Wall Street campaign trail rhetoric, Ted Cruz has stepped forward with hat in hand to happily take yet more Wall Street donations.

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