Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz accused President Obama of being “an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists” on “The Kelly File” Wednesday for his refusal to name radical Islam and stand up for its Christian and Jewish victims. (VIDEO: Ted Cruz: Obama’s ISIS Strategy Driven By ‘Photo-Ops And Press Releases’)

CRUZ: This is a president and administration that has turned a hard heart to the persecution and suffering of Christians abroad, to the persecution and suffering of Jews abroad. You look at the Christians– where is the president speaking up loudly and consistently for Pastor Sayid Abedini, an American in prison in Iran for expressing his faith? When Meriam Ibrahim was in Sudan, sentenced to 100 lashes and hanged by the neck until dead for her Christian faith, the president would not speak up.

Just a couple weeks ago the president made reference to the horrific terrorist attack in Paris where radical Islamists went into a kosher deli, and the president said it was a “random” act of violence. There’s nothing random about it! These were radical Islamists going to a kosher deli to target people because they were Jews and to murder them because of their Jewish faith.

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