Ted Cruz is a constitutional lawyer. Whatever you think of him, he knows his constitution. He has been consistently conservative throughout his career.

He’s also issued warnings that we’re one SCOTUS justice away from major gun control. He was on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning discussing the Supreme Court and replacing Antonin Scalia. Watch:

Abortion on demand, the removal of our Second Amendment rights, limiting free speech, erasing our religious freedoms? Some people will call this “scare tactics.” If you’re one of those people, allow me to direct you to recent history.

  1. The two people responsible for exposing Planned Parenthood’s butchery and sale of baby parts could go to prison for twenty years. Read OPINION: History Will Remember David Daleiden as a Hero…
  2. Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts hate the Second Amendment. See Here it Comes: Obama’s Planned Executive Actions on Guns… and King Obama Wants Your Guns.
  3. Yeah, free speech is under assault. WATCH: University of Texas Campus Police Issue Citation for… Free Speech?! then there’s this New Poll: Liberals Twice as Likely to Oppose Free Speech. Let us not forget that in New York Using Biological Pronouns for Transgenders is Now Illegal…
  4. As for your religious freedoms? If you oppose gay anything, or abortion? You’re an intolerant hater. Read Gay Couple Suing New York Bed and Breakfast for Not Hosting Gay Wedding and Gaystapo Strikes: How The Obama Admin Just put a Huge Target on Christians.

Ted Cruz is right. We are one justice away from losing it all. Presidential elections are not games. Sure, it’s fine to be entertained by what candidates say, but come election day, we’re voting for the leader of our country, not class president.  One of the president’s duties is to appoint judges who will protect and defend the constitution, not re-write laws or legislate from the bench. Read Dear GOP Voters: We Need to Talk…

As for Ted Cruz’s reference that Trump would nominate judges who favor partial birth abortion? Here’s Donald Trump talking about how he’s pro-choice and wouldn’t ban partial birth abortion. He even suggested nominating his sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge to the Supreme Court. Barry wants the constitution to protect partial birth abortion.

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