Robert Wanek
You Tube
May 16, 2011

Officer Dustin Hill falsely arrested 17-year-old filmmaker Robert Wanek. Hill used the legal system as a weapon to retaliate against the Wanek for filming him. Hill would be the most honest cop in Philadelphia, where the pigs routinely rob, torture, frame, and otherwise victimize the taxpaying citizens who pay their salaries. Yes, Hill was wrong, but his offenses were minor by comparison!


1. Officer Dustin Hill is a former SEMCA Narcotics agent downgraded to a K-9 Unit officer
2. Police Report Indicates I was arrested for standing within FIVE feet of Hill, when I am clearly 15 feet away.
3. Police Report states that ” He said he was filming a story for MAKEACHANGE.ORG and I could tell he was becoming more upset” I was never even remotely upset.
4. It is 100% legal to Film any officer in Public in the state of North Dakota
5. He engaged me, I was not bothering him I was on a public street.
6. I was not interfering with anything, officers should be proud to be seen doing their work in the community, not something to hide.
7. Law enforcement states they were ‘unable to pull up the surveillance footage’
8. I was in violation of ZERO laws.
9. I did not serve as a threat to the officer
10. Dustins Sergeant interviewed me without reading me any miranda rights, while I remained cuffed behind my back in a room monitored by 2 officers Like I was a serious threat to the department. I had been patted down.


Investigation in Wahpeton Started After Teen Captures Arrest on Video

Dylan Wohlenhaus
May 9, 2011

Police in Wahpeton have started an investigation after an aspiring 17-year-old journalist was arrested for what he claims is no reason, or probable cause. He posted his own video of the arrest online, and it’s caused a stir.

At 14, Robert Wanek started making videos about what he felt was injustice in schools and with law enforcement. His latest is now causing a police investigation and some people calling for change.

The video has received more than 160,000 views on Youtube.

Wanek told the arresting officer, Dustin Hill, that he was shooting a video about un-warranted raids in Wahpeton.

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Robert Wanek – The American Hate Machine

Inspired by Joe Rogans ‘The American War Machine’ and posted in response to Wanek’s recent criticism in his local community after being arrested while standing on a public street filming a police officer. . Robert is an educational activist who specializes in any form of activism stretching from school corruption to political parties and how they operate. Hopefully this video serves as a reminder that you may be right, but many people have no heart to base their own opinion so you will receive hate no matter what your beliefs may be. Stand strong, don’t let anyone tell you why you are doing what you do. Only you know your true motivation for action, as long as you hold your morals close and beliefs in your heart nobody can stop you from spreading the truth.

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