Pro-life activists were ordered to leave a public sidewalk near an abortion clinic in Virgina last weekend after police claimed their Christmas caroling violated the city’s noise ordinance.

As seen in video footage of the incident, law enforcement officers presented the group with a copy of the ordinance not long after the singing began.

“The singing violates the ordinance…” an officer can he heard saying.

According to LifeSite News, who interviewed one of the teen carolers, the group’s aim was to “peacefully share the joy of Christmas” with everyone coming in and out of the clinic.

“We were standing on a public stretch of land, peacefully caroling,” she said. “It is wrong for the police officer to tell us to leave. We were not doing anything wrong, and simply because they did not like what we were doing they told us to leave.”

Another caroler, Ryan Orr, also told the news outlet that the group’s goal was to merely extend a “message of joy.”

“Unlike picketing (with signs), the main idea was not to protest the facility. We were singing in front of the abortion mill to extend a message of joy, hope and encouragement to the young ladies who were unfortunate enough to find themselves struggling in that situation,” Orr said. “We hoped that maybe even the Planned Parenthood escorts would have a conversion of heart by our loving gentleness and charity.”

Despite warnings from police, several teens, in opposition to what they see as an anti-free speech ordinance, plan to return to the area to continue caroling.

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