Editor’s note: The FBI arranges virtually all the terror plots in the United States. See here and here.

At the FBI Academy last week, four dozen teenagers, selected from hundreds of applicants across the country, got a very different kind of summer-camp experience — a week with real agents in the field and in the classroom, learning about what it’s really like inside the FBI, reports CBS News’ Chip Reid.

“We were working an undercover case. I had an offsite, covert, covert cars, undercover agents working to infiltrate violent drug organizations,” said agent William Woodson, who has run the Future Agents in Training program since 2012.

The students learn about things like counterterrorism and interrogating a suspect.

“The best part is to come out here and to see what they learned in the classroom and to see them put it to work out here — here in Hogan’s Alley,” he said.

Hogan’s Alley is a fake town at the FBI Academy in northern Virginia, the same town where real FBI agents do their training.

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