June 7, 2013

Rob Dew speaks with telecom insider James Knox (pseudonym) who has nearly 30 years experience in the industry.

Mr. Knox speaks out about the telecommunication infrastructure and government agencies like the NSA that have set up access points all over the country from which they can siphon all data, phone calls, emails, videos and pics into giant repositories like the massive facility in Utah.

These networks exist and are in use — and with just a few keystrokes and a couple of hard drives, government agents can know everything about you.

As we see in the latest headlines, these systems are in full use right now — we are all being wiretapped.

James goes into the history of this with the Telecomm Act of 1996 and CALEA and how these are used to violate our rights and privacy on a daily basis.

This interview validates what Alex Jones has been saying for years… that the NSA doesn’t need to tap phones; the phone companies are part of the NSA. The video below is from 2011:

On yesterday’s Nightly News, Rob Dew also covered how appliances will soon be spying on you through smart technology, and GiGi Erneta breaks down the ineffectiveness of invasive speed cameras.

Here are other articles covered in Rob’s interview with James Knox:

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