Tim Stanley
The Telegraph
April 27, 2011

Americans are obsessed with the royal wedding – although not always in the way that you might expect. For some it’s a love story, for others an affirmation of how charmingly Old World the British are. But for a vocal minority, it’s nothing less than a propaganda stunt for the New World Order.

Watch this astonishing rant by Tea Party champion and radio show host Alex Jones. Jones is a magnet for conspiracy-minded Americans of Left and Right, and it was he who hosted Charlie Sheen when the actor demanded a meeting with President Obama to discuss the 9-11 “cover-up”. A couple of days ago, Jones gave this broadcast on the wedding and let rip a wave of Tea Party anger. With helpful graphics photoshopped from Wikipedia, Jones reminds listeners that America was founded in rebellion against the British monarchy (who, he insists, are in fact German). “The very essence of July 4 and 1776,” he says, “is resistance to the disgusting house of Windsor”.

Jones is right to expose the paradox of a republican culture that obsesses about a foreign monarchy. But he goes on to draw lines between totally unconnected dots. The House of Windsor is “a tyrannical group promoting eugenics, population reductions, all the carbon taxes”. Golly. Apparently, the Queen regularly shuts down Commonwealth parliaments and is the head CEO of all those banks that Obama bailed out. She is the captain of a conspiracy to create a “worldwide government”, which will “close down the competition and redistribute the people’s wealth into off-shore cartels. These people are parasites, they’re disgusting, they’re filthy and if we want to reclaim the spirit of 1776, we should realise how abhorrent monarchy is in all of its forms.”

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