Kurt Nimmo
June 20, 2013

The TSA wants to know what you think of its effort to turn thousands of transportation employees – drivers, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, station attendants, customer service employees, engineers, conductors, trainmen and others – into low-level Gestapo agents for the ever-expanding police state.

“As it prepares to issue a new rule regarding the ongoing training of employees who work in ‘surface mode’ transportation settings, TSA has invited the public to submit comments about such training by July 15,” reports Government Security News.

Infowars.com has followed the TSA expansion into bus and train stations around the country. Over the last few years, the Department of Homeland Security has worked diligently to publicize its “see something, say something” snitch program and move its police state apparatus into hotels and malls under the flimsy excuse that it is dedicated to protecting “soft targets” from mostly imaginary terrorists and half-wit patsies recruited by FBI agent provocateurs.

You can tell the TSA what you think of the government’s plan to turn America into a police state where children are molested in large numbers every day at Fourth Amendment busting airport checkpoints. You now have a venue to express your feelings about the prospect of porno scanners becoming the next feature at the local mall.

“Comments can be submitted by visiting www.regulations.gov and citing docket number TSA-2013-0005 in the search box,” explains GSN.

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