Immigration enforcement has fallen off drastically in the past year with tens of thousands of criminal illegal aliens being released back into communities, according to a new report released Wednesday by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington.

Among the report’s findings include a 34 percent decrease for interior deportations from 2013 as well as a 15 percent decline of deportations at the port of entry from 2013 to 2014, the CIS reported.

The report, which used Immigration and Customs Enforcement records, cited ongoing “catch and release” efforts that saw just 143,00 illegal aliens out of 585,000 be sent for deportation processing. Noted the CIS: “Tens of thousands of those let go by ICE agents had been labeled a criminal threat.”

The center also noted that nearly 900,000 illegals remain in the U.S. after receiving a final order of removal. Of that figure, the CIS added, an estimated 160,000 are convicted criminals who remain at large.

The report’s author, Jessica Vaughan, who serves as director of policy studies, noted a pattern of flouting current immigration laws that could ultimately bring harm to U.S. citizens.

“Prosecutorial discretion as practiced by the Obama administration has transformed immigration enforcement into a massive catch-and-release program that makes a joke of the law, fails to deter illegal settlement, and allows even illegal aliens who commit crimes to remain here,” Vaughan said in a statement.

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