Tens of thousands have signed a petition from tech entrepreneur Nick Hanauer urging Congress and President Trump to oppose tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations.

“Our democracy and our economy are being ripped apart by growing inequality,” Hanauer wrote in the petition, which was created last week and appears on Change.Org. “Tax cuts for the rich masquerading as reform will only make it worse. I need you to help me fight for a tax code that puts working families back at the center of the economy.”

Congressional Republicans and the White House are aiming to pass tax legislation by the end of the year, and a joint statement that key Republicans released last month calls for tax reform to lower tax rates for individuals and businesses.

But congressional Democrats and liberal groups have been pushing back against any potential tax cut for the wealthy that Republicans may include in a reform bill. Most Senate Democrats signed a letter saying that they won’t support tax reform that lowers taxes for those earning in the top 1 percent of income, and a number of liberal groups launched a campaign last week called Not One Penny to fight tax cuts for rich people and businesses.

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