The Christmas market attack in Berlin was “impossible to prevent” because many migrants aren’t radicalized until long after they’ve come west, says a German terrorism expert.

The expert, Rolf Tophoven, said the German government knew an attack like the one on Monday, which killed 12, was likely to happen given the overflow of migrants into Germany – and the ISIS propaganda chief who told followers to use any means necessary to kill “infidels,” including knives and trucks.

“If a radicalized fanatic decides to use a truck as a weapon, you don’t stand a chance, unless you know about him and his plans in advance and arrest him before he can act,” expert Rolf Tophoven told Deutsche Welle. “It’s impossible to check all vehicles in the EU or to seal off all Christmas markets to protect them from any danger.”

“You’d have to close them for that.”

Even if authorities were able to properly vet all of the migrants, many of them aren’t radicalized until well after they’ve settled in Western society.

“The authorities are aware of a lot, but with the number of people coming in, it’s simply impossible to ensure a thorough enough vetting process for every single one of them,” Tophoven stated. “Plus, the radicalization process often doesn’t begin until they are in Europe.”

“Many people came here not only for safety but also in the hopes of starting new lives with a secure income.”

“If society doesn’t fulfill these expectations, there’s the danger that some of these disappointed people could drift toward radicalization and a fanaticized frustration,” he added.

These expectations often fail to materialize; for example, even if these migrants spoke German, the majority of them lack skills employable in the highly industrialized nation.

Despite Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding top German companies hire millions of migrants, only 54 were employable.

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